Elementor #191187

OVERVIEW STRONG Q4 CAPS 2021’S BIG RECORD VOLUME SALES, WITH AVERAGE PRICES WAY UP RECORD ANNUAL SALES VOLUME OF $2,326,883,555 Up 26% from 2020’s $1,844,439,888, with units of 2643 down 3% from 2020’s 2714. New listings of 3392 down 3%, with the sales/listings ratio of 78% equal to a year ago. FOURTH-QUARTER SALES VOLUME OF more »

Thornbury’s Community Longtable

The Inaugural Community Longtable, on June 26 2016 in Thornbury, was an event to be remembered.  Despite the foreboding skies and the torrential downpour, the many people who stuck it out were immensely rewarded. The event started at four pm.  When we arrived at five, the event was already in full swing. The local restaurants more »