My Father, Jim Egan and my mother started Egan Marine in the Trent waterway. The first houseboat was won in a card game in Muskoka, Tommy Bishop and ??? were at the table. Mum, my Dad and Donna Duke went to pick it up… it was partially sunk and part of the deal was they had to dig it out before they ferried it to Cambell’s landing on lake muskoka, put it on a trailer and took it to Rice lake, apparently it was November when they moved the boat and the lake was really rough, to the extent that the waves tore up the front platform, it became the first in a fleet that exceeded forty boats and is now a household name on the Trent. Egan Visual at that time was producing whiteboards in cabinets and they were using the factory to produce a new boat every couple of weeks out of the same shop.

Note the hand carved wooden fishing pole. Then time we spent on the houseboats on Rice lake And on Pigeon we’re some of my best memories of my dad and the time we spent together.


egan marine houseboat

This is one of the Early Egan Marine Houseboats that Jim Egan and my mother built.

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