I am a volunteer on the Polo for heart committee.

Couple of quick reasons why I am posting this this:

It is volunteer work and it is rewarding.
I believe in the event from a client appreciation standpoint and the more people that are there, the more successful the event will be for everyone.
It offers incredible value and is a completely new / different experience from the typical golf game and I think people appreciate that.
It is a nice place socialize and network, you can mingle and spend time talking while watching.
Great catered foods by professional chefs (in the Polo pavilion / corporate sponsors) sponsored by local distributors.
It is really cool to watch, these horses are incredible.
What I’d request is forward this to a client or one of your contacts that might find value, just direct them to the web site OR send them the flyer from the link below.

Main Website: http://www.poloforheart.org/

MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP BEFORE MARCH 31st, 2013 for the discount.

Register your table in the Polo Pavilion. (save $500 – “polotable” is online code)

There are still some Team Sponsorship opportunities available, so if you want to step it up… see the sponsorship package.

Sponsorship package online: