What is success? Success is individual. Success can only be determined or judge based on a culmination of experiences. I believe that the definition is different for everyone and it would be presumptuous of me to apply my declaration of success achieved to anyone but myself.

Some may think success is getting up and walking around the block, others may think that it is Bill Gates or Richard Branson level of achievement.

All I can say is that my definition of success is changing. I was convinced I was going to hit it out of the park from a financial sense, I was going to create this and that invention. Reality is that when I did a lot of X, Y suffered. If X was more important to me. I have to admit I have judged people’s character if they did not share my priorities.

E.g. If I was to decide to go look at my friend’s cool new toy / gear on a weekend, vs spending time with the kids, old me would have said, you could do both, or drag them with you, or leave them with the wife and go. The nuance here is hard to perceive, but simply, if you want to be wealthy, relationships with loved ones suffer, if you want relationships, wealth suffers.

The most financially successful people I know wake up thinking they have nothing in the bank, there is an inherent drive that basically niggles at the back of their minds saying if I don’t make this money, I will die, if I don’t isolate myself from failure, I will die. They actually think what they are doing has some sort of importance. And in fact will push their importance onto those around them, to the extent of yelling, bullying, demanding subservience to them because they provide. Remember success to the victim of that verbal deluge may think that success was reading a good book, or making a nice dish, cake, woodworking item, carving, movie clips, knitted this or that.

The only thing that matters in the end are friends and family. The only thing that matters is being honest with what and why you do what you do. And most importantly not antagonizing those around you if they are not meeting your definition of success and making sure to help your loved ones achieve their definition in whatever form that may be.

Be well and may you all achieve your own form of success whatever that is.