Jim Egan Sailboat, James Egan Sailboat

Patrick Egan and Jim Egan, James Egan, James Arthur Egan’s little Sailboat.


The bionic beaver is one of the good memories I have of my father and I. We used to go sailing on the Wandering Lady, the Gracious and the Osprey in the Thousand Islands. On one particular trip, Jim presented me with my new sailing vessel…, he was very proud of this little boat, it was a rowing skiff and a small sailboat wrapped into one. At this point in my life the Bionic Man was the B-all and End-all and we were trying to come up with a name and I recall we were on a small island near Gananoque when the Name Bionic Beaver came to me.The next chapter in this story came when Jim was in Aspen Colorado skiing and he happened to meet Lee Majors (the bionic man) in a bar at the hill and proceeded to proudly tell him how his son had named this little skiff.

Subsequently this little boat ended up at his home on Preston lake which had waterfront and this little guy was then given to a neighbour who at the time was a little girl and years later Pat Hengen contacted me and told me that the boat had been left in the neighbour’s yard derelict after they had moved.

I then proceeded to mount operation Bionic Beaver recovery, to which I single handedly carried this little guy up a steep hill. took it to Muskoka, restored it and added a electic motor so my kids… now the third generation of family can boot around between the local cottages.

The picture with me in it was an emotional little relaunching of the Beaver.

Jim Egan meets Lee Majors in aspen colorado.  The 6 million dollar man.

Jim Egan meets Lee Majors in aspen colorado. The 6 million dollar man.