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A cold beer can placed next to a person's foot, set against the backdrop of a sunlit park

An Open Letter to Toronto: A Small-Town Resident Watches Your Alcohol Pilot Program

Dear Torontonians,

As a former Torontonian and current Thornbury resident, I write to you. My town, north of your city, is small. Despite our size difference, we share values. We love our public spaces and tranquil summer afternoons. Your recent decision caught our attention. It allows legal alcohol consumption in 27 city parks from August 2 to October 9. This news stirred interest and a bit of apprehension in me.

Toronto’s rich culture and spirit make it a trailblazer for Ontario. Many communities, including Thornbury, look to you for guidance. Your decisions ripple out, shaping policies and norms beyond your borders. As a neighbor, I watch this experiment unfold with cautious optimism.

This pilot program could foster responsibility and respect. That applies to everyone, from casual drinkers to rule enforcers. Also, those who simply seek park tranquility have a role. I trust you to strike a balance. The program brings new freedom, but public safety remains paramount. Despite relaxed regulations, we must stand against underage drinking. That way, we show such a program doesn’t jeopardize the safety of our youth.

If you have reservations about this initiative, please speak up. Your experiences and concerns matter. Your suggestions can shape the program’s success. Thornbury and other communities watch and learn from your actions. So, your input provides invaluable insights.

Your actions in the coming months are significant. Toronto is more than just a city; it is a trailblazer and a beacon of influence. Thornbury watches with bated breath. We trust you to responsibly navigate this new path. Let’s show Ontario, and the world, how to do it right.

From Thornbury, I thank you for leading the way. We look forward to learning from you.


Patrick J.H. Egan

Thornbury, Ontario

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