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Maximizing Property Management with the Airbnb Smart Home

The Airbnb Smart Home is revolutionizing the vacation rental industry, with hosts implementing smart technology into their properties to provide superior guest service, remote monitoring and management, and automation of property management. These smart devices fall into several categories:

  1. Digital Entry & Smart Locks – Digital locks such as August and Remote Lock offer remote monitoring, calendar integration, expiring codes, and multiple entry options. Keypad locks and smart lock boxes are also options. SmartTags can be used to track key fobs.
  2. Smart Home Utilities – Smart thermostats like Google Nest can save on utility costs and provide a personalized experience for guests. LED smart lights can be controlled remotely and offer different light modes for guests to enjoy. Wifi boosters can improve the range and reliability of wifi service.
  3. Home Monitoring – Security cameras and noise monitors can help hosts keep their properties secure and enforce house rules, although privacy concerns may be an issue.
  4. Digital Concierges – Smart speakers and tablets can provide guests with information and assistance during their stay.
  5. Smart Home Amenities – Automatic coffee makers and smart mirrors can add convenience for guests.
  6. Smart Home Kitchens – Smart appliances such as refrigerators and ovens can make it easier for guests to prepare meals.
  7. Green Home Amenities – Smart water sensors and energy monitoring devices can help hosts conserve resources and reduce their environmental impact.

By implementing smart technology into their properties, Airbnb hosts can appeal to tech-savvy travelers and streamline the management of their rentals.

If You've Turned Your Home Into an Airbnb, You Need Smart Devices | Wirecutter

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