In 2021 the communities of Owen Sound, Meaford, The Blue Mountains., Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Tiny collectively saw a record $277,969,786 in waterfront home sales on 191 transactions. That volume was up 9% from 2020’s $256,167,254, while the unit sales were down 14% from last year’s 252. By comparison, 2021’s total volume for these six communities was up 25% from 2020, while total units were down 4%.

The biggest year-over-year volume gains went to Meaford (+44%), Owen Sound (+29%) and The Blue Mountains (+28%). As with the broader market, those gains were mainly due to big average sale price increases over 2020.

Tiny saw the biggest average price jump at 62%, while Meaford was up 55%, The Blue Mountains was up 50%, Wasaga Beach was up 42%, Owen Sound was up 29% and Collingwood was up 21%. So all communities did well, with 2021’s average waterfront sale price of $1,445,339 jumping 42% from 2020’s $1,016,537.